The Industry’s Voice

Personally, I write about service in operation, the industry’s voice, in all its facets and on all the different levels. The industry is huge… service consists of so many ideas, with so many interlinked levels on which these ideas are expressed. People who are recording, creating, and publishing content operate all the tentacles of this ‘information-web’, all of them offering service, in dealing with each other.

Which, for editing purposes, in writing about the monitoring process and its findings, involves many hours of sourcing, scanning, reading, analyses and publishing of best-in-practice content that represents a view of, and into, global and local markets.

Regardless of the type, or format of interaction, when it happens, service is an observable action yet, it cannot be measured, as it is not only intangible, it is also too varied. Thankfully, many people are specifically writing about the service process, giving me/us a look at their perception of service, as part of their position within a specific business sector, perhaps as part of being an educator, or as a researcher, etc… and, they know their topic, in general, if not specific. They also have experience in actual operations… on a variety of fronts, on interlinked levels and find themselves in the habit of jotting things down.

These ‘personal and weblogs’ writings speak loudly to those who monitor the industry’s content, as it soundboards the service industry, reflecting patterns of use, re-use, and eventual regurgitation of recycled topics, such as when the occasional, exceptional and insightful contributions, become an over-posted / quoted / extracted press release, sort of topical, kind of relevant etc.

Nevertheless, the accessible mix is exhaustive, to say the least. Mining and using this ‘database’ of information to create content is already stretching many companies tightly, as management try to either stay ahead and on top of what’s being written by contributing, or they employ / outsource full-time, content writers.

In the process of monitoring an industry’s voice

A picture emerges when one identifies topics of interest to the consumer, gathers all the writings on what service is, where it can be found, how the whole journey is discoverable, the technology that enables the customer to experience service (good / bad / irrelevant), recordings of someone’s thoughts

It is a magnificent process when you get busy with and in it… this monitoring. Moreover, to have the skills and ability, inclination, time, and passion, to actually write about it, as it happens… is no mean feat. Everyone who takes pen to paper (finger to keyboard) and assumes the responsibility of passing on information about service, contributes to building its picture by educating, sharing insights and new knowledge, is to be applauded.

It is important though, to remember that service and customers/consumers/users are ‘joined at the hip’, in a manner of speaking. It does not matter which industry or sector of operations you are affiliated to through your employment, nor is it about any monetary value we can directly attribute to service (remember it is insubstantial / indefinable / indescribable / intangible).

Simply put, service, for everyone, and experienced by everyone, occurs at each point of interaction between us. As much as it is public, service, as experienced by consumers and providers, in my opinion, exists between every one, on all levels. The picture that has emerged, after almost six months of monitoring and research, is that of a bubbling, creative, innovative process, reflected in both ‘good and bad’ interactions that we are creating AND as a Wordsmith, for me the bonus is that we’re writing it down, informing and educating consumers, call centres and solutions providers.

What is your bonus?

Find the Right Commercial Refrigeration for Your Business

There are many options available for commercial refrigeration. It is important to choose wisely and take time to research the many products in order to find refrigeration services that will fit the needs and magnitude of a business. When it comes to refrigeration on a commercial level, it is generally at a larger scale with commercial freezers and refrigerators which are housing products intended for public consumption. Faulty or inadequate equipment can lead to disaster which means a major blow to hospitality. Industrial refrigeration must be chosen with care to avoid any future problems and ensure business will continue as usual.

Restaurants, bars and anyone in the food service industry requires commercial refrigeration and commercial freezers. Grocers, bakeries and many others need spacious coolers and freezers that are walk-in size and adequate for the amount of products they handle kept at the proper temperature to maintain food safety. Often hospitality services also require refrigeration services at the industrial level. Needs vary some businesses require that their refrigerated products are on display for the public to have access or to advertise a location. Others have no need of a display case or access to customers but simply need ample storage space.

From coolers to freezers of goliath size to deli cases, the proper refrigeration needs to be matched with the proper business. A knowledgeable service provider will make sure the customer gets the proper equipment with adequate dimensions. Choosing to work with a whole sale company or directly from the factory can dramatically reduce costs and make price comparisons well worth one’s time. Having official estimates may make a company to a price match for a comparable product.

Business owners will be amazed at the variety of products that are on the market and the ability to tailor or customize a cooler to one’s specific needs. There is even the option to hire or rent coolers and freezers if purchasing equipment is not an option. For the business that is new to the market, this may be the wisest decision. Once a company is established, then it is a good time to invest in permanent equipment of the best quality. Hiring refrigeration and freezers is also useful when one would prefer to use appliances on a trial basis to ensure it is truly what is needed and wanted. It is important that customers be satisfied with their commercial refrigeration.

A happy customer will be consistent, return for future sales and spread the word about a good reputation. Likewise, if someone is not happy, it is important that they communicate with the refrigeration company and get the problem resolved. When choosing a refrigeration company, look for reviews and testimonials to find a company that is of good repute and comes through with first rate products and service. Proper cooling can make a business and aid in its success while faulty refrigeration could result in disaster for the client and the supplier. Commercial cooling is serious business and should be reserved for the best.

Work From Home in the Customer Service Industry

Companies are finding it easier to hire work at home employees to take care of their customer service needs. With the new technology, high speed internet, and the trendy networking capabilities, it is even easier to have your customer service representatives across the world from your company and the customers will never know. This opportunity is available to anyone who has a solid motivation for work from home jobs and who wants to earn a good amount of money.

Customer Service Needs

Those who want to open a business and work from home in the customer service field need to understand that the major benefit to this line of work in really for the business who hires you. In hiring a freelance worker, there is no need for added expenses in monthly leases, office equipment, and utility bills. This leaves more money open for them to pay you on an hourly basis.

By The Hour – Work From Home

The average customer service worker at home is estimated to make an average of $14 an hour. Those who are taking the same calls in a center for a company only bring in an estimated $9 an hour. The difference is the result of savings to the customer when you are in business for yourself at home. If you have needs such as medical problems or want to stay at home with your children, this hourly rate is a good way to do it. The internet is full of companies offering a customer service position and great rates to those who get hired.

What To Expect

The companies looking to hire a work from home customer service representative may require you to have certain experience or training. Most, however, will start you out at the bottom and give you the training you need. They may also ask for a background check as if you were taking on a regular position. The individual company will give you the specifics of what they are looking for and how they expect the job to be done. Some companies may also reimburse you for charges you incur with your phone or other tools and tasks needed to complete the job but this too will vary from company to company.

What You Need To Start Work From Home

It is essential that a home office for customer service contain certain items to make work more productive and efficient. First, you will need a good computer that runs the way it should and the simple knowledge of how to work with it. Second, a high speed internet connection is also a necessity to communicate and place orders and other material for the company. Third, you will need a solid phone line and an unlimited long distance plan so customers can reach you. The most important item the work at home customer service specialist needs is a positive attitude and good people skills to be able to get along with the customers effectively and with high quality service.

Quality of Concern for the Opportunity of Connecting to a Patronizer of Your Service or Business

***Quality of concern for the contact opportunity of connecting to a client or patron of your service or business.

What makes the quality of your service individual and distinguishable when compared to another vendor of the same category? In whatever industry you choose to subscribe, understand that it can expand your financial status. Entertain a business prospect with grace to the degree of the highest quality. Enhance the thing that you do the best in the utmost excellence of your ability. Do it for yourself first, and please be apprised that as patrons ourselves, we all know that we have many opportunities to entertain when shopping or engaging a service industry selection. Competition is tight nowadays and the one main factor that can make or break a sale is usually the factor that is taken for granted the most: Customer service..

Consumers and patrons, as you and I, are fellow, emotionally driven souls, aspiring to feel appreciated, recognized or understood appropriately or relish the opportunity to be heard. You would think that after so many years of technology and immediacy that society would be less emotional and more logical. It appears, for the most part, at least from my perspective, society has not advanced emotionally as fast as we have technologically…

This poses a unique opportunity for you and me, we can comprehend ourselves and another by utilizing our compassion and empathy. *** WE must learn to respect the true understanding of an opportunity to network, clarify or to fix a problem.

Most employees are hired to complete a task or to fix problems, once this is understood, communicating with discernment begins. There are many forms of language to be utilized in our communication style. Set a higher bar of understanding for both parties involved, you will gladly glean an opportunity. Gain to please, be apprised of you communication style and read the body tone and language of your patron. By being understanding and graceful, in your voice modulation, verbiage and body language you gain the confidence of another soul. Whether on the telephone, or in person, a smile can be perceived even without applying your sense of sight.

So many industries and institutions are in a state of fluctuation and financial correction. Realize that this has no bearing on the quality of service that you and me desire to receive or have the responsibility to give to our patrons and employers.

Everyone has his own constitution and conscience, keep yours focused on a standard of excellence and you shall reap the same seeds that you sow. Caring is an attitude that comes from within; the inside out- not the outside in…

The cost of caring and customer service has no price tag, nor can a corporation quantify, outsource or attempt to manufacture, manipulate or calculate the cost to personalize business transactions. Business transactions done correctly, include a warm smile, an understanding gaze or a patient empathetic connection. An authentic warm encounter is a genuine transaction from one person to another,cannot be duplicated in any country, province or state.

There is no price tag on caring and demonstrating quality service. The price would be unattainable for even the very wealthiest of corporations. They would be unable to pay for something that is easily shared, an emotional novelty and should be free. There is a very high cost for those that are unaware or oblivious to this much-coveted and appreciated fashion of service conduct. It is a form of understanding effective business culture, that can also be included in the employer/employee conduct contract too!

Caring about individual and collective quality is much like a metaphor of an electrical volt that can keep its current for an eternity with a reliable power source: you and me!

Decide to impact your environment regardless of what you see transpiring around you. It is indeed your choice. I am only here to offer a voice to your higher consciousness.

Design an enigmatic way about yourself that is demonstrated by your character, reactions,or controlled emotional responses. Make the time to decompress. Stop! Think; wait up to 10 minutes before you premeditate an angry opinion or give an angry, unnecessary insult. Don’t release unnecessary and oftentimes damaging gossip from your subconscious mind, it won’t help anyone, not even you!

Once critically released words leave your lips the action cannot be erased, eradicated or dismissed; the only one to suffer the consequences is you or me.

If either one of us loses control and gossips, we cannot save the face of our company, employer, or ourselves. Be careful with the words that come out of your mouth. Spoken words can cause a lot of undue damage. Hostile or insulting words spoken out loud for witnesses and for other gossipermongers to spread is not a good way to conduct yourself or good for your business transactions. ***There are gossipmongers everywhere who gladly enjoy redeeming information that is none of their business in the first place…

Many times people(s) have a few bad moments or a bad few days, though this will not last long. Please offer them the same grace period as you would have them offer you if you were presented with the same or a similar situation. Do not personalize a bad reaction. Gain empowerment by immediate discernment, instead, fix your composure and throw back an arrow of kindness. When an arrow of rudeness is aimed at you, you can dodge the arrow. Remember that emotions are oftentimes a symptom of other situations that have nothing to do with your patronage, your customer or with you and me directly.

Patron positive service providers and allow them an opportunity to work along in concert with you or to expand your profit potential. Magnify your moment in the advertising spotlight, or patronage. React as if you are both in a large, coliseum with a well-coiffed audience witnessing the experience on a grand forum or stage. In reality, we are all being guided by our inner thoughts to rise above the fray of drama, discomfort and disease. Cultivate a life of peace harmony, understanding and respect for the Universal energy that guides us one and all.

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~